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A new perspective to Jurassic's Nature

The rich Prehistoric Biodiversity of the Jurassic Park Franchise. Documented and presented in a digital encyclopedia.
From fans, for fans.


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Jurassic Field Guide is a project yet in the works. If you want to keep up with the newest additions, make
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About the JFG

About the Jurassic Field Guide

The Jurassic Park Franchise has been around for nearly 3 decades by now, exploring a wide diversity of places, characters, stories, and most importantly, prehistoric animals. Despite that, the wild jungles of Isla Nublar, or the redwood forests of Isla Sorna and their inhabitants were only briefly explored from an ecosystem perspective, or from a more ambientalist interest, as the sequels moved forward, such idea of Dinosaurs not being monsters was lost.
With that in mind, we decided to work on what could function as
an In-Universe Field Guide to the various locations and animals seem across the franchise's installments, showing High Quality renders of the animals, estimates of their sizes, geographic range and information on how they behave, live, thrive.
It is important to remember though, this website
does not contain any correlation to Universal Pictures nor the Jurassic Park/World IP officially. This is a work simply made by fans to bring artwork and lore info in an interesting way for everyone!

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Explore Section


Adventure yourself into key locations of the Jurassic Franchise, this section offers a Soundscape Experience while you venture yourself in detailed maps, from the original Jurassic Park to the ruins of Site B.

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Fauna Section


Over 60 species of Dinosaurs, Pterosaurs, Marine Reptiles and more. Here you can deep dive into an in-depth look at these Species, their Behaviors, Breeds, Habitats and their relations with Jurassic Park's History.

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Ecosystems Section


From Isla Nublar to the Dolomites Mountains, here, you can see in-detail the rich Ecosystems and key Localities presented in the Jurassic Franchise. While also learning about their Biomes and Native Flora & Fauna.

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Flora Section


Not much was done in documenting the various Plant Species seen in the various localities of the movies. But here, we list predominant Species with their respective descriptions, appearance and geographic range.

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Resources Section


As Fans like you visiting this Site, we want to encourage passionate Fan Projects for this Franchise. Here, you can find Documents, Production Galleries, Graphic Art, Style Guides and more that may be useful.

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